How to Bet MMA Fights

Learning how to bet on MMA fights can be well worth it. In the world of sports, you can bet on virtually anything and with mixed martial arts gaining in popularity, you will want to know how you can bet on your favorite opponent when he (or she) decides to step into the ring.

Knowing the Odds

When there is a UFC Fight Night, it will be announced so you know the date and who will be going up against who. It will also display the odds, which is a very important aspect to look at. It doesn’t matter how the odds are shown because they will always have the same meaning.

Basically, the odds are telling you the percentage or likelihood of one outcome over another. Formats you will see the odds in include:


American and decimal formats are going to be the most popular. Fractions generally confuse people and therefore most sites aren’t going to use them. Sportsbooks around the world have rendered them extinct.

American Betting Odds are shown with whole numbers over 100 and can be positive or negative. If the number is in a positive, it will show how much you could make if you wager $100. If the number is a negative, it will show how much you would have to bet in order to make a $100 profit.

The favorite for the match is going to be the fighter who has a negative value. If both fighters have a negative value, it will be the one with the higher negative value that is deemed the favorite.

Decimal Betting Odds are a little different, and these are used generally throughout Europe and everywhere except the United States. Here, you’re going to be dealing with decimals, such as 1.5. This will identify that if you bet $100, what you would win back if they win, which will include not only your initial bet but also your profit. If you bet $100 on an MMA fighter and they have 1.5 odds, you’d win $150, which includes your $100 bet. If you were to bet on the underdog who had a decimal betting odds of 2.45, you would win $245, which means a profit of $145.

Understanding the Bets

You absolutely have to take the time to look at the different kinds of bets you can make, and much of this is going to depend on the betting odds that are used by the site. After all, you want to know exactly how much you have to risk and what your payout is going to be based upon the odds that are given to each of the fighters.

The types of bets that you can make include:

Money line odds
Total rounds
Prop bets

Each of these are going to have different payouts and structures and so before you decide to hand over any money for an MMA fight, you want to know what you’re doing.

Money line odds are the most common and the various odds are what you need to use in order to make these bets. You also want to check the odds on a regular basis because they can change frequently as more bets role in or the public opinion changes for the different fighters that will be participating in the MMA fight.

Total rounds is a fairly common back as well, and is based upon the number of rounds that a fight will likely last. A sports book will offer an over/under for the rounds within the fight and you can choose to bet on whether you think that it will have more than those number of rounds or less than. As an example, there may be a four round fight and you will find an over/under 3.5. This means that if the fight goes for more than three rounds, the over bet would be a winner. However, you could also choose to go under, and if the fight ended in the first three rounds, you would be a winner. This means that you can determine whether you want to be over or under based upon what the number is.

Prop bets are not as common, though it will focus on the entire outcome.

Take the time to learn more about betting on MMA fights now.

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