Best UFC Fights That Never Happened

The Best UFC Matches Which Never Made it to The Octagon 
As the year comes to an end, fight fans are excited over future matches set to take place. Whispers flood the internet about potential match ups. Considering the UFC’S rank as one of the most popular sports in the world, it comes as no suprise millions tune in to view some of the most athletic fighters in combat.
With all the chatter surrounding MMA match ups, as all fight fans know, not all bouts scheduled take place result in a fight. Several matches were rumored and even dated to take place and following a series of events, the fights never happened. With a handful of disappointment and equally matched hope, I’ve compiled a list of the greatest UFC fights that never happened.

Rhonda Rousey vs Cristiane Cyborg Justino
Rousey vs Cyborg is arguably the most exciting fight to never take place. After Rousey announced her return back into the octagon, every UFC fan was sure she would have to battle Cyborg. It only makes sense that the #2 and #3 fighters compete for a shot at the champ. To the suprise of most UFC fans, it was decided upon Rousey’s return, she would go straight to a title shot. As fans watched in complete confusion many began to speculate why and how Rhonda jumped the ladder. Despite how fans may feel, the Rousey vs Cyborg match would’ve easily been named the Fight of the Night.

Anderson Silva vs Jon Bones Jones
The Silva vs Jones fight began circulating late 2013. Everyone wanted this fight to happen. If ever there were a “SUPERFIGHT”, this was the fight to be named best ever. The possibility of this fight brought so much attention, spectators of other sports began to follow the wave of hopefulness. NBA and NFL stars alike took to Twitter explaining their interest in this particular match.
Silva and Jones were both champions in their division. Jones sat comfortably in his position after defending his belt. Silva was leading UFC records as the most title belts defended. The clash of these two titans would’ve been legendary.
Shortly after the rumors began circulating, Jon Jones found himself in a world of woes. Hit with several legal charges outside of the octagon, various violations within the UFC and recorded footage of ill behavoir, the once beloved champion was stripped of his belt and suspended from fighting in the UFC. The hope of a bout between Jones and Silva quickly diminished.

George St-Pierre vs Anderson Silva
As obvious as it may seem, Anderson Silva is a pretty popular fighter. Made famous for his brutal kicks, clinch strikes and grappling, Silva is arguably the best pound for pound fighter in the world. It would only come naturally MMA fans would begin to compare St-Pierre to Silva. Stylistically they both share ssimilar qualities.
As rumors began to grow, the president of UFC (Dana White) delivered a public announcement to the MMA world. Dana made it crystal clear there will be no fight between George St-Pierre and Anderson Silva. MMA fans were left stunned by the recent news.

Regardless of your favorite fighter, Jones vs Silva,Rousey vs Cyborg and Silva vs St-Pierre are still considered the greatest fights to never happen. UFC fans still remain hopeful of these matches possibly taking place. Debates over the potential winners still dominate most UFC and sport discussions. For now, fans can only fantasize of these colossal matches.

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